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Maritime Realty broker, Douglas Licensee, was taught as a realtor that the community comes first. Those are not merely words but also what he lives by. Believing that he could serve the community best as a broker, he started Maritime Realty in April 2017 after a ten year successful career reaching and maintaining sales with-in the top five percent of agents selling in the area. He believes that Maritime Realty agents should not have to pay high fees especially for an office that they will hardly, if ever, use. Maritime Realty maintains  comfortable office space including desks for agents to use at their leisure plus a conference room with a 60 inch television for client presentations, MLS searches and training.


Most agents are concerned about two things, Commission splits and Training. Many new agents believe that a well known franchise would bring training and a recognizable name. Many of these agents start with a franchise agency until realizing that they are paying high dollar to be a part of a ‘name’. Many also realize in time that they did not receive the training that they had expected. Maritime Realty, as a small brokerage, understands the importance of training especially for less seasoned agents. Maritime does have a self paced on-line training program where agents can take free training courses that appeal to them in the advancement of their career.


There are two commission split programs.


  • Agents retain 85% of their commission. Once the broker’s portion reaches $10,000 annually, hen the agent receive 100% for the balance of the year.
  • For maritime generated leads, agents retain 60% of commissions received.
  • E & O Insurance; Why do brokers charge ridiculous amounts of money for E & O Insurance. Real Estate brokers should provide E&O insurance passing along actual cost to their agents; not inflated costs. Maritime charges $25 per transaction and returns any over-collected amount to the agents once the E&O insurance bill is paid.


In short, commission split is


Commission split is 85/15 with a $10k annual cap.

Broker generated leads commission split is 60/40.

E & O Insurance is $25 per transaction capped at actual cost.


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